11 08 2009

In the past two months, I have been on three continents, four countries and logged in over 25,000 flight miles. And I have not stopped to breathe really until this past weekend. I got off the plane in San Francisco (put a jacket on) and then hopped in the car to go to Yosemite. I absolutely love this place and I know why the naturalist John Muir fought hard to turn this into a national park. It was the perfect weekend being able to spend with my buddy Brandon, his wife and her extended family. Brandon and I have known each other since we were in elementary school and it was such a blessing to not have the cell phone on (even though I had coverage on top of Half Dome). We sat around the campfire, I wore a jacket at night, had to bundle up in my sleeping bag and somewhat roughed it. It definitely isn’t camping in Texas.

We left Saturday morning at 5:30 AM to conquer Half Dome. From the trailhead near Lower Pines, it is a 16 mile round trip. I don’t know which is worse or more physical – going up or coming down. We were all troopers, shared food, water and put up with each other’s complaining (not too much) to get to the top. What a beautiful sight to behold once we got to our destination. No one got hurt except for the minor blisters and we enjoyed each other’s company. Props goes to Uncle Desmond who climbed this twice in the span of three weeks. He’s 62!!!

Enjoy the pics. Sorry too lazy to photoshop to make it pretty.


El Capitan


Vernal Falls


Near the base of the cables. Yes, those are people behind me climbing at 80 degree angles!


You fall, you die. Bring gloves if you climb Half Dome.


Enjoying the view below which is Curry Village. Brandon snuck in for the shot!


The Whole Group




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12 08 2009
Patty Kashiwamura

It’s so pretty, you don’t need to pretty it up with Photoshop. We’re are headed there this Sunday to camp Bass Lake. BTW, you can add my blog to your blogroll!

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