Medical Insurance

12 08 2009

I’ve been out of the loop with this whole health care reform that Obama is pushing. Last night I saw that the Staple Center has been turned into a make shift free clinic offering everything from mammograms to dental check-ups. The news reporter interviewed families that were bypassing the annual dental visits so that they can redirect it towards grocery. Is it really that bad out there?

I’m beginning to shop for health insurance. It’s kind of easy for me. No health risks, non-smoker, single. So far I’ve gotten some good rates for short term health insurance. Wondered what everyone else’s experience has been and if you have suggestions or links that include insurance for stateside and travel abroad.




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13 08 2009

You don’t need insurance, just stop doing risky stuff like hiking halfdome, or riding on the back of motorcycle without helmet or eating weird animals. Keep doing those things and you may realize God’s calling sooner than you think, God’s eternal calling that is…

13 08 2009
ray tang

Only Stan can say it so succinctly.

14 08 2009
Patty Kashiwamura

yeah, save your money. You can probably qualify with low income anyways for us taxpayers to foot the bill. Just go county…LOL!

14 08 2009
Brooke Sigler

I have Golden Rule insurance for now…I think its kind of expensive, but I think its because I’m paying for it, not mom and dad 🙂

19 08 2009
Check it out, that’s what I had for health when i was returning but they offer short term for individuals as well.

19 08 2009

FWIW, when I went to KZ, my agency got me insurance through (Atlas series).

2 09 2009
The Captain

Don’t go with Celtic; we went with it because it was cheap. They have TERRIBLE customer service. Good thing we only had 8 months with them.

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